Posted by: mgeps | May 18, 2010

Coca-Cola Logistics

Last Friday, after our Logistics Class I came back home and had a Coca-Cola on my sofa. But Indeed my brain was still in class and it was still thinking on Logistics and came to my head an image of ten years ago: while having an excursion with chamels in the middle of the Sahara desert, after more than one hour riding on board the chamels, in the middle of nowhere, came out a man with a chamel and what did he offered us? A Coca-Cola! Unbelievable but truth.

And her is when on my sofa I start thinking how will work out the distrbibution network of this huge company. By now I have only discovered that is a pretty comple matter.

Anyway by searching on the net I found out an on a Logistic review (Logistics Today) an interesting article on Coca-Cola distribution in Mexico. Here I attached it:

Coca-Cola Mexico



  1. Coca Cola is a big brand and its soft drinks are available through out the world. We can assume how big the network is. In this distribution and transportation Logistics Companies play a great role by transporting the product at the defined place on time..

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