Posted by: mgeps | May 27, 2010


IKEA store in Murcia

As Professor Dr. José Pedro Garcia Sabater suggested us during one of his class, this past week-end I took my girlfriend and went to IKEA at Murcia.

I had already been at IKEA but I wanted to go seeing it with this new “logistics” perspective.

Well, we drove a lot and walked even more but indeed the prices tha IKEA offers are really competitive, even if you have to go from Valencia to Murcia.

Anyway IKEA is not that perfect it seems. There are several things it could be improved in my opinion.

Once you go there, as seen in class, in order to visit the exposition is there a route you have to follow, and if you forget  and have to come back, I assure you that you start getting nervous.

Here above the IKEA store in Murcia  and in the image below on the right side the trolleys used in the exposition area:


Once at the recollecting area, if you go during the week and you are a man, then there would be no problems, bur if you go there on week-end or if you’re not a man you’re should have serious problem in buying most of the IKEA furniture. Why? Simply because, even if the FLAT PACKAGES are indeed really well engineered, these packages are still really heavy, which means most of the women could not effort to bring and load them in their trolleis. And the IKEA staff that could help you is really reduced in this area.

One of the others things I noticed is that for example the opening time is different from Italy where IKEA is open all the year’s sundays and indeed this is the day when they sell the most.  In Murcia they don’t open on Sundays.

 By the way,  we bought some furniture, which I had than to assembly. Well, I can assure you that the instructions were really easy to understand and the furniture to assembly, much more than those all others furniture shops.

Just to conclude that apart from the mega shelves they have,  always impressing, and the way IKEA run its business, what catched-up my attention this time was a “QUARTER PALLET” of which existence I read in on efeedback the teacher gave in on eof my colleagues’ blog and that I saw for the first time.

 Following some pictures of my visit to IKEA:

In these two first images some shelves at the recollection area:



 And also, the QUARTER PALLET:


And to conclude one of the key of IKEA, which is the base of their strategy, the “DO IT YOURSELF”. Below two images of the papers you have to use while passing trough the exposition ot get note of the furniture youwould like to have and where to recollect it later on at the recollection area:


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