Posted by: mgeps | May 30, 2010


Did you never thinked on how would work out a company like UPS?

UPS is the largest packages delivery company in the World, deliveryng 3,5 billions packages around the World, which means more than one package for every two people in the World.  It has more then 17 hundred operating centers troughout the World with 70 thousands UPS drivers interacting with more than 8 million customers EVERY DAY.

When talking about this kind of companies we’re talking about firms which are offering a complex service of last mile delivery in most of the countries of the World.

Indeed it’s a complex and complicated essay, where new technologies play a core and relevant role. Could be said that technology powers every service the company offers and every operation it performs.

Following two interesting video:

The first one answer to the question “What happens to your packages after you dropped them off to UPS?

The second after rapidly gives us a clear idea of the use of technologies in the last mile of logistics in UPS and the importance of these.

Have a look, they’re pretty interesting!


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